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Flowers Anniversary Gifts
Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts

Roses are always in bloom when you celebrate your traditional 4th anniversary.
Not Your Everyday Bouquet
For your 4th Anniversary, not just any flowers will do. Exotic or elegant arrangements are both a great fit for this traditional anniversary gift. Go beyond the norm with a massive bouquet of roses, a rare and exotic orchid plant or beautiful French tulips in bright pink.
Flower Gifts that Keep On Giving
When just one anniversary gift isn't enough, opt for a "Flower of the Month" club, which will be sure to delight time and time again. Flowers will be delivered every month for an entire year, just in time for your next anniversary celebration.
The Meaning of Flowers
A bouquet can mean different things based on both the type of flower and the color. While nothing says "Romance" like a classic bouquet of red roses, orange roses are also a good choice for their vibrant hue and will make a good 4th anniversary gift. has a handy Guide to Flower Colors to help you select the right rose or flower for the occasion. Choose a beautiful bouquet or go with the tried and true impressive gift of 4 dozen long-stem red roses.