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Platinum Anniversary Gifts
Modern 20th Anniversary Gifts

Rare and beautiful, platinum is a perfect setting for diamonds and other fine jewels.
Perfect Platinum
On your 20th Anniversary, platinum jewelry gifts are as timeless as your love. Consider choosing classic pieces embellished with her birthstone to really show how much you care. You can also go with the timeless ultimate combination diamond-studded platinum band. See our full selection of platinum jewelry gift ideas in multiple price ranges and styles.
Platinum and Diamonds: The Perfect Union
What is more romantic for your wife on a 20th Anniversary than a platinum diamond ring. Diamonds set in platinum are a great way to commemorate 20 wonderful years together. Gifts has a wonderful selection of platinum rings to choose from from top jewelers.
Platinum For the Table: A Modern Twist
These days, some would say that Platinum is the go-to gift for 20th anniversaries. Look for serveware embellished with platinum for an Anniversary Gift that's the best of both worlds. Neiman Marcus has a beautiful Platinum dinnerware collection with multiple servers, saucers, designs and more.