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Cosmetic Gift Advice

  • How To Pick the Right Eyeliner

    There are 3 kinds of eyeliners:

    Eyeliner pencils

    Eyeliner liquids

    Eyeliner gels

    Each creates a unique line around the eye.

    Eyeliner pencils create soft lines and they are the easiest to handle, but they can smudge. It's okay because mistakes are easy to clean up.

    Eyeliner liquids create crisp lines and it doesn't smudge once dry. However, it takes a little practice to use liquids well. We recommend you pick up a pointed sponge to help clean up mistakes.

    Eyeliner gels are a good middle ground, a softer line and clean at the same time. It goes on easier than a liquid, but it lasts longer than a pencil. You should also buy a stiff application brush because it will help control the eyeliner.

  • Pick the Right Color Lipstick Based on Hair Color

    Choosing the right lipstick color based on your hair color doesn't have to be complicated. Just follow some simple guidelines:

    For Redheads:

    Pink is the best choice

    Orange-red is a good alternative

    Brown is a good choice, too

    For Blondes:

    Wine colors like Merolot are the best choice

    Fruit colors work well, like peach

    Coral colors tend to work well

    For Brunettes:

    Dark red and hot pink are top picks

    Peach works a good backup color