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Babies love balls – they bounce, spin, roll, and provide hours of entertain

Wow, somebody’s turning one! That’s a huge milestone in life and while it sometimes may seem that the party is mainly an occasion for the parents to show off their cutie pie, you’ll want to find a great gift for the little one.

Walking …

One of the biggest accomplishments in the first year is baby taking her first steps. Toys that encourage walking and help to build her strength and coordination make great 1st birthday gifts. Think push and pull toys like animal-shaped carts, activity walkers that are loaded with shapes and puzzles, and yes, even those classic corn popper toys that are rather noisy and annoying for grown-ups but adored by babies.

… And Talking

By now the baby has begun to make distinct sounds and perhaps is even chatting away. Books of any kind help young ones to talk, read, and learn about the world around them. Books with audio that sound out the pictures, touch and feel books, and also stuffed animals that talk will get baby’s vocabulary growing.

Easy as ABC

One-year-olds are at that awesome stage of growing, learning, and exploring, so animals or cars he can ride or rock on, musical toys, and sort and stack shapes all make wonderful 1st birthday gifts. And don’t forget balls! Babies love balls – they bounce, spin, roll, and provide hours of entertainment for young ones. One mom brought a mesh bag filled with 100 brightly colored balls – which costs less than $20 -- to her one-year-old’s birthday party, and all of the little ones, yes, had a ball!

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