80th Birthday Gifts for Women

A gift of your time could be the most precious gift she’ll receive.

Do you know an amazing lady turning 80? Help her celebrate this milestone birthday with a gift that’s worthy of her eight decades.

80th Birthday Gifts for Women

Before buying her birthday present, start by asking “what does the birthday girl need?” If she’s still living on her own, she may have a list of things to be done around the house but limited resources to fix them. Give her a coupon for “Handyman for a Day” and tackle some of the items on her list yourself or pay for a handyman to make the repairs. Does the 80th birthday girl like tea? Perhaps she’d like a tea-of-the-month club membership in which she could sample different flavors throughout the year. Or perhaps a personalized playing card case so her card group knows she means business.

Warm and Cozy Gifts

Often the elderly feel cold, so giving her a sweater that ties or zips in front (easier to handle than buttons) is a great idea. Or a decorative afghan to lay across her lap. If you buy her a pair of slippers, make sure they have non-slip soles.

Give the Gift of Time

Giving her your time could be the most precious gift she’ll receive. If she’s able to get out and about, treat her to a gift certificate for a delicious lunch or dinner and spend the afternoon or evening chatting.

Buying a woman an 80th birthday present may require a little more thinking but you’re sure to be rewarded for your time when you see her smile of appreciation.


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