Birthday Gift Guides has some unique guides to help you find good birthday gifts. A good way to start is by telling us a little bit about them. Our Horoscope Birthday Guide uses their sign to choose gift ideas. Our Personality Profiler asks a few fun questions about your recipient and then matches gift ideas to their tastes. Get started below and see how fun it is to shop for birthday gifts on
New Ways to Shop – By Horoscope
Try the Horoscope Gift Guide to find birthday gifts correctly aligned with the stars. The Gift Gurus have put together top ten lists for men and women for every sign. Find gifts for Libras, Virgos, Scorpios and more.
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Birthday Milestones
There are some birthdays that call for an extra special celebration! We have great ideas to help you celebrate those birthday milestones such as Sweet 16 or reaching the top of that proverbial hill (whatever age that happens to be).
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The Personality Profiler
Be sure to check out our interactive personality-based Gift Finder that will do the shopping for you – with just a few clicks, you'll have the perfect birthday gift that is sure to make any birthday more memorable. Visit the Gift Finder, select the recipient and then choose from a variety of interests to see the gift ideas that best suit their personality.
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Golden Birthday
The Golden Birthday is when someone's age matches the date of their birth, like turning 5 on the 5th day of the month. View our guide to get unique gift ideas to make any Golden Birthday one to remember!
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Be a Gift Hero
Stuck on the perfect gift? Not sure where to turn for new inspiration? With our ‘Be a Gift Hero” guide, you get tools and ideas to help you become a H.E.R.O. in your gift recipient’s eyes!
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Other Gift Guides
Use guides and free services to help with your birthday gift picks. Our Gift Gurus offer great tips and advice for giving great gifts.
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