Office Supplies

Infuse the office with a little bit of character.

Albert Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” You got us there, Albert. We like to think a desk and an office is a canvas on which someone’s personality can be reflected. If you’re buying for someone who has received a new job, or perhaps gotten a bump up the company ladder, buy them a desk accessory to infuse their office with a little bit of their character.

Inspire Them

Days can be long and sometimes stressful. Help them keep office life in perspective with inspirational saying found on many desk accessories like paperweights, wall art or clever mugs.

Fuel Their Creativity

If they’re in a creative position at their office, daydreaming is not only encouraged but required. Get them a silly doodle pad, a bobble head made from their likeness, or a fun puzzle cube they can fiddle with while mapping out the next big idea.

Personalize Their Space

Cube farms and bland offices can zap the imagination and energy out of all of us. Liven up their environment with a funny caricature drawing of them taken from a favorite photo. Turn a standard mouse pad into a custom design featuring a snapshot of them from a fun vacation, the face of their child or their beloved pet. And voila, what could have been an ordinary desk accessory is suddenly a personal piece perfect for the office.

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