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Personalization is a timeless and classic way to tailor a gift. Golf balls, cookware, cuff links...anything works. Adding initials or a name, sets the gift apart from the other no-names and says in the nicest way, "hey buddy, this is mine—hands...  Read More »
What’s better than getting a present perfectly suited to your style and taste? Getting it from your bestie, of course! Flip through to see cool and cute custom-made gifts for your favorite guy or girl friend.   Read More »
All fall, people have been asking me one question: "What are the hottest gifts for the holidays?" I've been telling them the trends I'm seeing, including Uggs, succulents, tablet computers, and a whole category of gifts: personalized gifts....  Read More »
Anniversaries are a special way to keep the romance alive year after year. Unless it's a big milestone year, such as 25 years or 50 years, most anniversaries are celebrated just between the two of you. So you've picked the restaurant, hired...  Read More »