Romantic Gifts & Romantic Gift Ideas

Just say “no” to ties, socks, and hygiene helpers like nose hair clippers.

So it’s a birthday, anniversary, or “just because,” and you’re in the market for a romantic gift for your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend? First of all, kudos to you for putting some thought into the gift, that already scores you points in the romance department. To reward you, we’ve gathered some romantic gift-giving do’s and don’ts to help you out.

What Not to Give

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, you know, those women who would swoon over the latest vacuum cleaner, but in general, there are some basic gift areas to avoid if you’re trying to make a romantic gesture. (These gifts are perfectly fine for other occasions, they’re just not the best idea when romance is in the air.)

For women:

It’s best to stay away from tools, sexy lingerie (scratchy lace may look good on a mannequin but is not comfortable, trust us), and appliances (those should be bought because they are a necessity and hence don’t really qualify as a gift.)

For men:

Just say “no” to ties, socks, and hygiene helpers that spotlight problem areas like nose hair clippers.

For both:

No workout gear (“What, are you saying I need to work out more?”), self-help books (‘nuff said), and gift cards (that require 10 minutes of time and no thought.)

Cupid-Approved Romantic Gifts

For her:

A big bouquet of her favorite flowers will always make her heart skip a beat. A beautiful piece of unique jewelry makes a wonderful romantic gift, as does her favorite perfume or a designer bag that you saw her eyeing when she didn’t know you were watching.

For him:

His favorite beer, whiskey, or alcoholic beverage. The latest gadget he’s been pining for but didn’t want to spend the bucks on. You, dressed in sexy – and comfortable – lingerie, giving him a well-deserved back massage.

For both:

A weekend getaway, just for the two of you. A couple’s massage or spa treatment. Surprise tickets to a favorite sporting event, concert, or art exhibit.

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