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Homemade Gifts

The Gift Gurus offer some simple homemade gift ideas as well as helpful arts & crafts tips. Put a personal touch on your Christmas presents this year.
Creative and Crafty Gift Ideas
Thoughtful Christmas Gifts don't have to cost a fortune. So instead of spending top dollar on more impersonal knick-knacks, consider giving Homemade Gifts this holiday season. Not feeling inspired? Many do-it-yourself gifts come in crafty kits that can be decorated or assembled when the mood strikes. The best part is that you can get the whole family involved the kids will have a blast while they make inexpensive Christmas gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.

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DIY Ornaments
Think about using photos, holiday clip art or your label maker to make your own ornaments on the computer. Get the kids involved too! You'll be surprised how the glitter-and-popscicle stick ornaments made by them now will be so much more meaningful down the road. Or if there's been a new addition to the family this year, consider purchasing a kit that will let you capture his or her little hand and footprints in ornament form. Since each kit makes two, you can keep one as a keepsake, and give the other as a heartfelt gift.

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Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets
Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets Put a personal touch on your Christmas Presents by assembling your own Christmas Gift Baskets. Simply gather up an assortment of small, inexpensive gifts (think wine, candles, soap, etc). It adds to the presentation if they share a common color or theme. You'll also need a decorative basket check your storage cupboards or the attic. It's likely you already have one laying around, and re-using an old basket will help make this gift even more affordable. Finally, play around with raffia, butcher's paper, or old gift wrap until you get all of the gifts propped up and spaced in an aesthetically pleasing way. Top it off with an extra large bow, and you're got a professional-looking Christmas Gift Basket at half the price.

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