A collector's edition DVD, hot new video game or a must-have bestseller are always popular gifts, but with many options, how do you distinguish trash from the treasure? To help you wade through the junk to find the gems, here are the top picks in music, movies, books and video games. Not sure what's appropriate for your five-year-old nephew? Ditto for your 86- year-old aunt? We can help with that, too, because our gift ideas cater to specific recipients. So, hit play and turn up the volume. It's time to tackle your gift list.
The Movie Buff
You know the type. Always quoting lines from their favorite films. Missing birthday parties for movie openings. Flipping through tabloids to find out who's starring in what next. For the flick fanatic, here are all the latest and greatest gifts for the Movie Buff.
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TV & Pop Culture Fanatic
You can spot a TV addict a mile away. They're the ones you know not to invite to dinner during sweeps season. Or who recount plotlines from shows as if they wrote the scripts themselves. For those who pay homage to the boob tube, nothing thrills quite like gifts specifically for the TV & Pop Culture Fanatic.
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Music Lover
Who? Winona? Lawrence Welk? When it comes to giving music, the sky's the limit—and that can feel pretty daunting. To help you out, we've tracked down the very best gifts to excite the finicky of music fans. Whether is a new box set, soundtrack or books on music, our gifts will please even the most discerning listeners.
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Video Gamer
Video games are pretty much a staple atop gift lists these days. So what games are “must gets” and which should you leave alone. Or is picking up a cool accessory for the “gamer” the right way to go? Well here are some of our favorite gift ideas for the video gamer on your list.
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The Bookworm
No matter how sophisticated technology may become, avid readers know that long winter afternoons are best spent with a good book. Whether they're seven or 77, few can resist digging into the plot of a well-written page-turner. Mystery? Memoir? Biography? Even if you don't know their favorite genre, it's easy to find a gift that suits their book-loving personality. Our best gifts for the Bookworm:
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For the Kids
All it takes is a quick perusal of the kids' DVD or CD section to make you feel like a dinosaur. Luckily, we've compiled a list of must-haves for the younger set, which is sure to make you look like the coolest grown-up around. More good news? The trend in children's entertainment is toward content the whole family will love—or at least tolerate. So you'll be getting thank-yous from mom and dad, too.
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