Christmas Gifts for Tween Boys - Top Picks

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Grabbing right back!
The Force is with most tween boys, so anything Star Wars will be a hit.

Tween boys are at that great age where they’re developing their own interests, but are still open to trying new things. That makes it really fun to give them gifts – you can stick with the tried and true and give a sports nut kid a personalized basketball hoop, or you can switch it up and give him a science kit. These Christmas gift ideas all got a thumbs-up from tween boys.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

If it moves, he’ll like it, and he’s now old enough to play with motorized toys on his own responsibly. Remote-controlled cars, planes and helicopters will send him soaring with excitement. Vintage, detailed train sets complete with tracks and all the accessories are also a great Christmas gift for tween boys. Boys this age are usually very active, and enjoy anything cool that gets them moving – a designer skateboard, scooter, or bike will elicit screams of delight.

Built for Fun

Tween boys are all about exploring, learning, and building. LEGOs (especially sets featuring superheroes or Star Wars characters), model car kits, and science experiments will get his creative juices flowing. And speaking of Star Wars, the Force is with almost every boy this age, so anything with Darth Vader, Han Solo and the gang will be a surefire hit. Imaginations are soaring, so cultivate that with action-packed novels like Harry Potter, funny movies (“Toy Story,” “Goonies”), or exciting video games such as Batman or a sports-themed game.

Fun and Games

Most tween boys love playing games, any kind of games – board games, video games, and real-life sports games. Give him a new board game, then organize a family game night. Or treat him to new accessories like a duffel bag or cool shoes for his favorite sport. Indoor games are great Christmas gifts, too, such as a ping pong table or Foosball, or go brainy with a checkers or chess set.

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