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Christmas Trees

Trimming the tree is one of our favorite holiday traditions. Start here with our handy guide to Christmas trees.
Real Christmas Trees
Whether you choose a Douglas Fir, White Pine or another variety, there is something special about the scent of a real Christmas tree that brings the holiday season to life. And visiting the local tree farm to choose the perfect Christmas tree is a time-honored family tradition because everyone can get involved in the selection process. When picking your fresh Christmas tree, plan ahead-decide where you will place it at home and measure the height and width of the space before you go. After you've completed all the hard work, top off the tradition with a round of hot cocoa.
Artificial Christmas Trees
If you are allergic to real Christmas trees, have small children or pets or simply don't want to deal with a mess of pine needles for the next six months, an artificial Christmas tree may be your best bet. Even though it's a faux fir, it doesn't mean it's not as good as its real counterparts. If you love the traditional White Pine aroma, choose a scented option and you won't have to miss out. Artificial trees are also more eco-friendly because you can use them year after year instead of cutting down a fir each December. Plus, you won't have to struggle with tangled strings of Christmas lights buy a pre-lit tree so it's ready to turn on right out of the box.
Tree Trimming
Once you have selected your perfect pine, the real fun can begin-tree trimming! Whether you are going for a colorful DIY look with popcorn garlands and homemade Christmas ornaments or a sleek and sophisticated look with monochromatic Christmas tree lights, tree trimming is a wonderful family tradition. Put on some Christmas music and gather the family around for an afternoon of holiday decorating. And of course, the most important part of the process is adding the perfect tree topper. Finish off your look with a beautiful angel or sparkling star and let a different family member do the honors each year.