Barbie Pretend Play Toys

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  • The Barbie Mustang seats 2 children and has a powerful 12 Volt battery. New sophisticated Barbie colors and graphics. Detailed styling on the hood. Includes a pretend radio with pre-recorded music and engine sounds that rev when the key it turned. Lights flash and dance on the dashboard when the music plays and/or when the key is turned. Adjustable seats and cup holder.
  • This cute puppy is just waiting for a loving home. He needs someone special to take care of him and keep him healthy. His nose glows red when he sneezes, and the tissue makes him feel all better. He also responds to feeding, touch and accessories by making puppy sounds. Comes with everything a girl needs to make sure her new friend continues to feel his best.
  • Shop 'til you drop! This cash register lets girls shop for whatever they want. But don't just sit behind the cash register, take turns wtih your friends to be the shopper and the cashier. "can i get a price check?" The built-in microphone and pretend scanner complete the true shopping experience. Let's go on a shopping spree!
  • The barbie "Jam with me" light-up rock star guitar looks and plays just like a real guitar. Enjoy realistic responsive strumming and backlit touch-sensitive neck for easy note selection, follow-the-lights play features, and cool lighting effects. Features built-in music, multiple play modes, effects and lots more.
  • Be the first on the scene to report the latest news. Barbie will prompt you with a great lead-in and then you're on air in 3,2,1. Report all the latest breaking news events, such as fashion shows, sports, rock concerts and more. Pretend video camera is full of great speech and lead-in music. It also lights up to make your newscast as exciting as covering a live event.
  • Power Wheels Barbie Mustang


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