Fun & Games for Beach Bums

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  • One of the coolest bocce sets on the market. Not only will you receive a high quality bocce set with a great carrying case, but you will also receive 2 koozies so you can keep your drinks cold, and a bottle opener that is also a tape measure! Enjoy your eight 90mm plastic bocce balls and the goodies that come along. The perfect gift for someone who plays their beach games with one hand,...
  • The "bounce effect" is what makes Flingo such a thrilling and unique game experience. The elastic Flingo cloth stores the kinetic energy of the impacting ball in its deformation and gives it back to the ball through the spring force that has been created - similar to the way a trampoline largely returns the energy of the jump to the gymnast. Official rules of...
  • Djubi (pronounced joo-bee) is played with specially designed rackets and a unique ball called the Djubi. The game of catch has been and forever will be a favorite sporting activity - whether its with baseball and gloves, a football, lacrosse sticks, or a flying disc; by fathers and sons in the backyard, college students in the university quad, or families on vacation at the beach.
  • The Find It At the Beach hidden object game debuted in June of 2006. It features ocean blue end caps and over 40 unique items with a beach theme in soothing blues, greens and coral colored pellets. This is an exciting hidden object game that is a great travel game with its enclosed pieces that will never get lost! Can you find the ray, whale, beach chair, shark, bathing...
  • Djubi Classic- The Coolest New Twist on The Game of Catch


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