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Sole matters. When you look to pick hiking boots, the sole and the type of hiking adventure really matters. It determines if you need a lightweight hiking shoe or an industrial pair of boots.

As a general rule, you want a firm sole, but one that bends easily. The weight of the shoe should match the weight of hiking gear. If the hiker has a backpack for walking along trails, then a hiking shoe is a good bet. If the hiker has a huge backpack with a tent and mountaineering equipment, go for a heavy boot. Makes sense, right?

The sole has 3 purposes:

  1. To support the foot
  2. To absorb shocks
  3. To protect feet from pointy objects

The sole should also have deep ridges on the bottom. This allows the rubber highpoints to grip different terrain, from soggy soil to smooth rock.

You can expect to spend between $50 - $75 for a pair of hiking shoes and about $200 for mountaineering boots.

Picking a tent follows common sense, but it's always good to say it anyway:

  1. Count the number of people in the camping party.
  2. Add space to store your gear.
  3. Take into account the tallest person for tent height.
  4. Think about camping conditions.

A good rule of thumb add one person to your party and use the space for your gear. So, if it's 3 people in the party you should get a 4-person tent.

You also want to use the tallest person's height as a requirement. Everyone should be able to stand up inside.

The conditions also determine your tent type. If you go to a place known for strong winds, you want to get a dome-shaped tent. It resists the wind better than square tents and it's less likely to fall down during a storm.

For tent accessories, pick up tent spikes for sandy soil and consider a footprint, or groundcloth, to protect against damage from rocks, twigs and other ground debris. These cost far less to replace than the tent.

Happy camping!