Style Guide
If you think the only way to gift green is to give hemp bags and the usual recycled stuff, think again. Thanks to the latest eco-friendly movement, you can find gifts that are perfect for both the über-earthy Activist Man and the eco-fabulous Trendanista.
Dress Green
Organic Gear for Guys
These cool hoodies, from the sustainable apparel brand THREADS 4 THOUGHT, are made with organic and recycled materials.
Eco-Chic Apparel for Her
Go green and look good doing it. Organic apparel is both incredibly soft and easy on the earth.
Support Recycling
Recycled Gadget Sleeves
Protect your gadgets with neoprene cases made from excess wetsuit material.
Vintage Glass Nugget Necklaces
Enjoy these handcrafted glass pendants from the crushed remains of antique bottles and Mason jars.
Accessorize Wisely
Uni-Sex TOMS Hats
Stay warm and cozy all winter in these cool beanies from TOMS. For every hat purchased, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.
Recycled Canvas Totes
These durable canvas totes from Pottery Barn are available in a plethora of colors and can be monogrammed!
Everyday Eco-Gifts
Re-usable Ceramic Cups
Kill those coffee cravings on the go with these decorative Eco Cups.
Sprout Watches
Time to Be Green with these eco-chic watches made with bamboo, a renewable easy-grow material.