Geek Turns Chic

Being a tech-obsessed geek has never been more fashionable as Trendanistas line up for the latest candy- colored phones, cameras and computers. So if you're shopping for a girl or guy who has an eye for style and an affinity for gadgets, give one of these trend-setting high-tech gifts. They may not walk the red carpet, but they're certain to elicit the envy of gadget addicts and style mavens alike.

Femme Bytes

E-readers and tablets enable women to carry hundreds of their favorite magazines, hardcovers and newspapers in one stylish package.

Vintage Advantage

As technology rapidly advances into the unknown, ladies are returning to the comforts of lo-fi for some down time.

Haute & Healthy

Some of this year's haute-est gadgets will be those that make us feel great inside and out!

Technicolor Dreams

So sleek, so stylish and in colors so irresistibly adorable, they make all the other gadgets drool with envy.

Catwalk Ready Cases

Get your gadgets ready for the red carpet in stylish cases that are in line with the latest fashion trends.