Got Gift Block? If you’re having trouble finding a gift or if the gift recipient "already has everything" you may be experiencing Gift Block. Gifts.com feels your pain and we can help. It feels nice to get a good gift. But giving a great one will make you feel like a H.E.R.O. Remembering these four letters- H. E. R. O. will make all the difference.


Think about their hobbies and interests. What do they like to do? Equally as important, do you feel comfortable gifting within the hobby? For example: A nice new golf shirt might be great for an avid yet casual golfer. But steer away from specific golf equipment for the scratch golfer.
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Having a budget in mind when starting a gift search is a great idea. The thought does count! Just remember, spending too much on a gift can be as awkward as spending too little. Keep in mind the recipient, occasion and relationship depth when considering gift extravagance.

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Hearing is by far the most important of the senses when it comes to gifting. Many times within a conversation hints and ideas come directly from a recipient's mouth.
They say: "This week I have finals, but then I'm all done with grad school. I can't wait to relax a little"
A great gifter hears: "I'm exhausted, a spa experience would be a great graduation gift"


Adding a creative personal touch to a gift shows the recipient you took time, effort and thought to make the gift special. The best part? Most times optimizing a gift is a no or low cost thing to do. So how do you optimize a gift? Here are some examples:
Gift: iPod for a birthday
Optimize: With laser engraved inscription or pre-load the ipod with music and movies you know the recipient will love and appreciate.
Optimize: Make a print of a picture you know they'll love or will have special meaning and place it in the frame.
Gift: A book on baseball for Father's Day (or cooking for Mother's Day)
Optimize: A dated, hand-written note like "6/19/11 Thanks for always having time to play catch with me Dad! Happy Father's Day" inside the book's cover is gift optimizing at its heartfelt best.