Graduation Gifts

That are Most Likely to Succeed
Voting for senior superlatives like "Best Dressed" and "Most Likely to Join the Circus" is one of the biggest traditions of graduation, and an excellent way to create yearbook memories. Decide what award your grad should receive and say "congratulations" with one of our top picks for the Class of 2014. We've found high school graduation gifts and college graduation gifts guaranteed to secure your nomination as Best Gift Giver!

Most Likely to be the Next Oprah

She's good at everything she does and she won't stop until she's built an empire that becomes a household name. Give your future mogul an inspirational graduation gift.

Most Likely to Travel the World in 80 Days

They've had ex-pat fever for as long as you remember and they already have tickets to their next destination. Say

Best Dressed Girl on Campus

She loves pulling amazing looks together. Her wardrobe sparks envy and causes heads to turn when she enters a room. Keep up her appearance with an uber stylish gift.

Most Likely to be CEO

He's incredibly ambitious and has been building his empire since his first lemonade stand. Set him up for success with an encouraging graduation gift.

Best Sense of Humor

They know how to make the best of any situation and their hilarious jokes helped everyone get through boring lectures. Award them with chuckle-worthy grad gifts.

Most Likely to Go for the Gold

They're always in the gym, on the field or in the pool prepping for their next big win. These grad gifts will set your elite athlete up for even bigger wins in college and beyond.

Best School Spirit

These enthusiastic grads rallied the crowd and cheered for their team at every game. Keep the spirit alive with a gift that celebrates their alma mater or future school.

Most Likely to be in the White House

Help support the next generation's run for the oval office with a graduation gift designed for the presidential hopeful who has run the debate team and student government with amazing success.