Pet Gifts by Paw-sonality

Pups deserve to be pampered, but how do you know what's on their wish list? If you're not exactly fluent in dog-speak, your best bet is to take a close look at the owner. Usually a dog is a reflection of the owner's personality, whether it's a chic Italian Greyhound or a loyal and low-maintenance Labrador. We've found gifts to suit all types of paw-sonalities.
If he's a Hipster, give him something Ironic.

Urban Sophisticate
If she's an Urban Sophisticate, give her something Luxurious.

If he's Professional, give him something Board Room Ready.

If she's a Trendanista, give her something Girlie.

Guy’s Guy
If he's a Guy's Guy, give him something "Bro" Worthy.

Natural Woman
If she's a Natural Woman, give her something Eco-Friendly.

Country Clubber
If he's a Country Clubber, give him something Classic.

If she's an Adventurer, give her something Adventure Ready.