Pet Gift Trend

Puppy Showers

Having a puppy shower is even trendier than dressing up pups and carrying them around in posh bags. It's the perfect chance for new pet owners to introduce their new cutie to friends (furry ones included) and stock up on doggie basics. Choosing a gift should be as simple as buying for a baby shower...but more fun! Puppies need essentials like toys and cozy beds too, and you can bet the new parent will need lots of photo frames for bragging.

Be the Hostess

What's the best gift you could give your friend with a new puppy? Do the honors-throw the party!

Puppy Playtime

Energetic pups need plenty of fun and games so go for gifts that'll give their owners a workout.

Newborn Essentials

Not just for babies anymore, little pups need the same basic stuff to make it through puppyhood.

For Proud Owners

There's a lot to learn about owning a new dog and there's also a lot of puppy love to show off!