It's Not Re-Gifted,


With the eco-friendly movement sweeping the nation, gifts made from recycled or "reclaimed" materials are popping up everywhere. Just because it comes from a landfill or factory floor doesn't mean it has to look like it. So the Gift Gurus did a little virtual dumpster diving in search of beautiful and just plain cool recycled gifts.
1. Eco-Entertaining
Help them throw an eco-fabulous fete with these elegant patio pieces. Unique Wine Glasses Hip Coasters Rustic Wood Bowls
2. Sustainable Style
Spruce up your space with these reclaimed finds. Mini Terrariums Recycled Vases
3. Re-Fashioned
A few hip "reclaimed" accessories will make her instantly eco-chic. TOMS Shoes Eco-Friendly Jewelry
4. Dude-Cycling
Appeal to his manly and eco-sensitive side with these earth-friendly gifts. Gadget Sleeves Sleek watches
5. The Three R’s
Reduce, reuse, recycle? Instill the fundamentals at an early age with these fun recycled gifts for kids. Wood Animalz Science Kits Eco Arts & Crafts