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How does the Merchant Program work?
What is
How can help me?
How much does cost?
How often will email me?
How long do I have to commit to using
Who is behind
How will generate traffic?
Which merchants use the Merchant Program?
What is Cost-Per-Click (CPC)?
How long does it take to get my product listed on

How does the Merchant Program work?
It's easy! Fill in our Merchant Submission Form and we'll review your website and products (this process usually takes 2-4 weeks). If we are able to bring you on as a partner, we will provide you with information to setup an account. You will then send us your products in a datafeed. Our gift gurus will review and match your products to the appropriate personality types, age groups and occasions as gift ideas. Your products will also be included in our product categories and keyword search so that customers can search for them, add them to their wish lists, or save them for later purchase.

From a cost standpoint, you only pay for customers who actually click over to a product on your site. There is a minimum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) per product category though you may bid higher than the minimum CPC to get more leads. On products like an MP3 player sold by multiple merchants, the merchant who bids the highest will be displayed first. When a shopper clicks through to your website, the CPC sales lead is automatically charged to your account. There is no cost for impressions and there is no cost incurred when users save your products in their personalized account, you only pay when a user clicks over to your site.

What is is the premier online gift shopping resource. We provide consumers with customized gift ideas for any recipient and every occasion. Our gift experts generate demand for your products by creating gift ideas and product suggestions for online gift buyers.

How can help me? helps you generate more sales. We match your products to gift buyers who tell us specifically what type of personality and/or occasion they are shopping for, so we ensure that only the most qualified leads go directly to your website.

How much does cost?
New merchants start on a pre-pay basis, and there is a required minimum deposit/re-deposit fee of $500. You only pay for the leads that sends to your site. And you have the ability to manage your own campaign and set your own monthly spending limit. After a merchant has worked with for several months and/or meets a certain revenue per month threshold, we also offer the option to receive an invoice via email or have your credit card automatically charged once a month.

How often will email me? will only contact you as it relates to managing your account, or if you sign up to receive our newsletter.

How long do I have to commit to using
There is no commitment; you can cancel your account at any time, though please read our Terms and Services for more details.

Who is behind is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation (NASDAQ: LINTA), which includes companies such as QVC,, BuySeasons Inc.,, Evite, and Provide Commerce.

How does generate traffic?
By combining the advantages of millions of monthly unique visitors across the Liberty Media Corporation properties, an ideal URL ( that draws a sizable share of direct-to-site traffic, and a generous marketing budget, we reach a huge number of Internet gift shoppers.

Which merchants use the Merchant Program? merchants range from some of the biggest names in retailing, such as Amazon and Harry and David to smaller "mom and pop" merchants across the United States. What do these merchants have in common? All of them are looking for ways to effectively and efficiently reach online shoppers, and all have found success with

What is Cost-Per-Click (CPC)?
Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is the amount you or any merchant is willing to pay for a sales lead. Cost-Per Click is named as such because a merchant only pays when a person clicks over to their website.

How long does it take to get my product listed on
It may take our gift gurus up to 4 weeks to review products and properly categorize them. Please be patient; this categorization process ensures that we send you only the most highly qualified leads.

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