Christening / Baptism Gifts

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    Personalized Cozy Critter Plush Nap Mat

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    Personalized Baby Alphabet Quilt


Grabbing right back!
Personalizing the baby’s christening gift always adds a special touch.

A baby’s christening or baptism day is one of those special milestones to be celebrated with a very special gift. Gather friends and family at the church for the ceremony and then move home for an afternoon of fun with the little one.

Baptism Gifts & Christening Gifts

Most gift givers choose between religious gifts like crosses and rosaries that the baby will be able to use when they are older, to more playful items such as adorable plush animals and cute clothes that can be used immediately. It’s also a nice baptism gift idea to take a picture of the baby at the ceremony and once it’s been printed, to place it in a photo frame for the parents to proudly display.

Customizing a Baptism or Christening Gift

Personalizing the baby’s christening gift always adds a special touch – bibles, plaques, bracelets, and music boxes are great items for personalization. A quilt with the baby’s name and date of baptism or christening will be a treasured gift for years to come. After the baby has outgrown the quilt, it can be framed and hung on the wall as decorative art as a way to remember the day.

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