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Personalization is a timeless and classic way to tailor a gift. Golf balls, cookware, cuff links...anything works. Adding initials or a name, sets the gift apart from the other no-names and says in the nicest way, "hey buddy, this is mine—hands...  Read More »
Libras won’t care if a gift is expensive, but you should choose something well-designed or beautiful like a striking necklace. They’ll also love experiences that they can share with you or another friend like a wine tasting class or you could...  Read More »
Shopping for gifts for men should be an Olympic sport. Seriously. It's the hardest thing some of us do all year. Where can we look to connect with the male psyche when we are thinking about gifts? How can we tap into their wishes when they,...  Read More »
Can you believe the holidays are here? A few weeks ago, I started putting together a list of gift ideas for my boys. Let's face it; gift giving can be tough when you are trying to find something original, within your budget, age appropriate,...  Read More »