Housewarming Gifts for Senior Women - Decor - Gifts for the Hostess

Senior Woman
  • Kitchenware Pop Chart

  • Copenhagen Tea Towel

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    DL & Co. Edelweiss Scalloped Candle

  • Jonathan Adler "Jet Set" Candle

  • Gifts Guarantee

    Rewined Candle

  • Tree Vase Salt and Pepper Shaker Tray

  • Tree Root Votive Holder

  • Set of 3 Convertible Herbpots

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    MSC Agave Nectar and Green Tea Reed Diffuser

  • Hand Forged Ebb Tide Candle Rest

  • Hershey's Syrup Chocolate Scented Candle

  • Teakwood Pillar Candle

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    MSC Harvest Pumpkin Limited Edition Soy Candle

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    Rewined Set of 3 Wine-Scented Candles

  • Tube Bud Vase

  • 6 Personalized Anchor Wine Charms

  • Kate Spade New York 'Be Dazzling' Scented Candles

  • Custom Ceramic Photo Vase

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    DL & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scalloped Candle

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    DL & Co. Thorn Apple Scalloped Candle

  • Set of 2 Nambe "Tree of Life" Sabbath Candlesticks

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    DL & Co. Burnt Sienna Scalloped Candle

  • Gifts Guarantee

    DL & Co. Lady Rhubarb Diffuser

  • Personalized Exquisite Cashmere Throw with Fringe, Red

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