Passover Gifts for Young Women - Gifts for the Hostess

College/Young Woman
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    Modern Jewish Cooking

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    Perfectly Pink Garden

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    Kosher Kards

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    Multi-Colored Tulips - Flowers

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    Potted White Azalea

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    Two Dozen Long Stemmed Rainbow Roses - Flowers

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    Joyful Bouquet - Flowers


Grabbing right back!
Passover is on its way, and Jewish tables around the world will be piled high with matzah, bitter herbs, and wine for the Passover seder, the ceremonial feast that celebrates the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Many Jewish... Read More »
For Virgos, the more practical the gift, the better. They like items they can put to use right away like a date book to organize their life or an electronic multi-language dictionary that will help them on their quest for knowledge. Virgos... Read More »
Hosting Hanukkah dinner is no small feat. Planning the meal, cooking the food, decorating the table—and the clean up—oh vey! Thank the host or hostess for their hard work with a thoughtful gift (and ensure a repeat invite next year.) Read More »