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VP of Merchandising
While Gillian oversees Merchandising & Content for, she focuses on Women & Home Gifts. Prior to, Gillian spent over a decade honing her gifting skills in the retail industry, most recently as a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue. Her favorite gift was a bottle of wine from her father, with a handwritten "toast" on the label. She is still waiting for the perfect occasion to drink it!
Ensure another invite: bring the Hostess a gift she can use for her next party.
Top Insulting Gifts NOT to get Her.
Gifts to give a Family that they will ALL enjoy.
Techie Gifts for Seniors that they will actually be able to use.
2011 Favorite Fashion Accessory Gifts

Gillian's Picks
7 Hills Pocket Belt Jeans Belt with Removable Pocket. Great for walking the dog or going to a bar. The belt is great looking with or without the handy "pocket."
The patented Zoku Quick Pop Maker creates healthy pops fast. Make striped pops, yogurt and flavored core pops in as few as 7-9 minutes. To enjoy Quick Pops anytime, simply store the compact Zoku base in your freezer. When youre ready, pour juice, yogurt or fruit smoothies into the molds to make striped pops, yogurt pops or (for the first time ever at home) flavored core pops.