• Vosges Milk & Dark Chocolate Bacon Chocolate Bars

Vosges Milk & Dark Chocolate Bacon Chocolate Bars

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It seems nothing is safe from the bacon bandwagon these days, and chocolate is no exception. These delicious artisan chocolate bars will delight the bacon lovers in your life as they experience their favorite salty snack in a whole new way. They will love how the applewood smoked bacon perfectly complements the rich chocolate, creating a unique and delicious new bacon experience.
If they are an adventurous eater, see if you can combine this gift with a couple other unique treats to create a package of interesting flavors they can try.
  • Two Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bars (41% cacao)
  • Two Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bars (62% cacao)
  • 3 oz. each
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