• Caramel Apple Bonanza Assortment

Caramel Apple Bonanza Assortment

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Willy Wonka ain’t got nothing on the Caramel Apple Bonanza. You and your foodie friends will take pleasure in this ultimate gourmet gift. Four incredibly crunchy apples are dipped into sumptuous buttery caramel and then rolled in sweet or salty froufrou toppings that result in moments of pure awe. Delicious down to the last bite.
This set includes 1 caramel apple with honey roasted peanuts and chocolate drizzle, 1 caramel apple with pecans and chocolate drizzle, 1 caramel apple with triple chocolate chips and 1 caramel apple with rainbow chips. These apples are big! Each weighing around 1 lb, more than one person can enjoy each one. Slice it up and serve!