• Home Made Gin Kit

Home Made Gin Kit

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When your friends offer to “make you a gin and tonic,” they mean make you a gin and tonic—this kit helps the giftee actually create their own gin. The kit’s an ideal gift for British royals, people interested in cocktails/mixology, Metro Man, Hipster, Host and Hostess, Geeks, Do-It-Yourself, gin and tonic lovers, and persons on safari.
Take the tipple theme even farther with a gift of a cocktail tour. Or a book of classic cocktail recipes, an ice bucket, glasses, or a cocktail tool set.
  • Kit includes two bottles, one 500 ml and one 250 ml.
  • Also included: two spice tins, fine mesh strainer, plastic funnel and instructions
  • Bottle of vodka not included.
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.