Cerra Plastic Bottle Stoppers

This is a great gift for the wine connoisseur in your life! The durable plastic Cerra Bottle Stoppers are valuable bar accessories that will help preserve your favorite bottles of wine. These sleek bottle stoppers are made of high quality stainless steel and plastic which won't affect the taste of your wine. Eliminate leaks and keep your wine fresh with these sleek bottle... More
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Features: -Bottle stopper with wooden display. -Material: 18 / 10 Stainless steel. -Designed in Germany.
Features: -Bottle stopper with wooden display. -Material: 18 / 10 Stainless steel. -Designed in Germany.
Many wines get better with age, and the same is true for this wine stopper. Made of a thin slice of Brazilian agate, which is a natural quartz formation that develops within a host rock, the luminous...More
Win the race against oxidation with this '5-speed' stopper! The rubber seal around the stainless steel gearshift with cherry wood knob ensures a tight fit on your wine bottle---and a fast way to...More
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Features: -Material: Stainless steel. -Wine bottle stopper with wooden display. -Designed in Germany.
Whether you prefer whiskey or wine, your favorite spirit is bound to be one of these bottle-topping elementals. Artist Harry Leaf truly draws upon the power of earth and water as he hand-forms his...More
Combining polished style with practicality, this refined wine bottle stopper will not only keep your wine fresh until you're ready for another glass, but it also helps you pour your favorite vino...More