Stencil and Pen Kits

Get your ink on with these fun and creative kits for the whole family! Mix and match to create funny people and animals with the Face Box and Zoo Box. Made in China. Sold individually, but more fun as a duo! Face Box includes: - 2 stencils of head shapes, noses, eyes and mouths - 1 stencil of hats, hairstyles and facial hair - 3 fine-point felt-tip pens ... More
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The Grommet team discovers pen kits from Fraser Ross Pen. The kit comes with step-by-step instructions so, all you need is a few free minutes and the curiosity to see how a pen come to life.
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VTech Stencil & Learn Studio
Great fun for the girls on a nice sunny day. Includes one reusable Little Mermaid stencil, one sidewalk paint, one paint roller, one paint brush and sidewalk chalk.
The hardest working gift around, this multi-use contractor tool features level and plumb bubbles, drywall and angle gauges, a ruler, a magnetic strip and a mini-pen holder. The pen included is...More