Top Picks for Young Women - Home & Garden - $25 to $50

College/Young Woman
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    Mine Design Ravel Knot Candle in Pomegranate & Redwood Scent

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    Mine Design Olive & Castano Candle in Gardenia Scent

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    Big Top Balloon Dog Bookends

    $39.60 $49.50
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    tilt. Gourmet Ice Replacer

    $29.99 $34.99
  • Laguiole Serving Set in Red

  • Heart Serving Bowl with Ladel design by Sagaform

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    Dimple Self-Chilling Pint Glasses

  • Andrea Schroder "The Poetry of Fragrance" Candle

  • Kisa Cat Candle

  • Oil and Vinegar Bottles with Oak Stopper by Sagaform

  • Avery Small Embossed Vase

  • Tea To Go

  • Mason Jar Infuser

  • Deluxe Purple Dendrobium Orchids Bouquet

  • Olivewood Salt Keeper

  • Personalized Linen Throw

  • Self Watering Seed Starter by Orta

  • Fragrant Stargazer Lilies Bouquet

  • Two-Tier Revolving Spice Rack

  • bella j "Sugar Rush" Candle

  • Small Personalized Acrylic Tray

  • Kate Spade New York "Daisy Place" Keepsake Box

  • Kate Spade New York "Daisy Place" Salt & Pepper Set

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