Gifts for Men - Under $25

A smaller budget makes gift selection much easier.

Put the hammer down and step away from the piggy bank. Finding cool gifts for men under $25 doesn’t require breaking the bank. In fact, having a predetermined price point often makes buying a gift easier because your search has become targeted.

Creative Gifts for Men Under $25

One of the best, and most economical, ways to keep a gift for a man under $25 is to add a homemade element to the product. Items like coupon books let you add your own message, personalizing the gift in a special way. Does the man attend a lot of sporting events or concerts? Buying him a ticket stub book lets him keep mementos from past events in one place. Jotting down a quick note on whether his team won or lost and who attended the event with him, lets him look back and remember fun times.

Interests and Hobbies

When buying a gift for a guy, always consider the things he likes spending his free time on. He is a reader? Lots of great books can be found under $25 including humorous one (potty and otherwise.) Does he get together weekly with the boys to play poker? Perhaps a personalized beer mug to drink from during the game or a fun set of shot glasses would be appropriate.

Your budget may be limited but your choices are limitless when shopping for a gift for a guy under $25.

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