Decor for Women - Gifts for the Hostess - $25 to $50

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    MSC Agave Nectar and Green Tea Reed Diffuser

  • Voluspa "Maison Blanc - Macaron" Boxed Candle

  • Gifts Guarantee

    DL & Co. La Petite Pomme Rouge Candle

  • bella j "Main Squeeze" Candle

  • Kate Spade New York 'Be Dazzling' Scented Candles

  • Jonathan Adler Champagne Pop Candle

  • Torre & Tagus The Wrinkled Tall Square Vase

  • Voluspa "Maison Blanc - Saijo Persimmon" Boxed Candle

  • Steel Wire Table Basket

  • Copenhagen Tea Towel

  • Kisa Cat Candle

  • bella j "Snowball" Candle

  • Personalized Heart-Of-The-Home Wall Art

  • Voluspa "Maison Rouge - Pomegranate Patchouli" Scented Candle

  • Set of 3 Convertible Herbpots

  • Hanging Sphere Wire Basket

  • Cathy's Concepts "Home State" Pillow

  • Romy + Jacob "I Love Dogs" Pillow

  • Kate Spade New York "Daisy Place" Salt & Pepper Set

  • Moss Light Bulb Sculpture

  • NEST Grapefruit Reed Diffuser Reed Diffuser

  • Jonathan Adler "Jet Set" Candle

  • Voluspa "Maison Noir - Tuberosa di Notte" Scented Candle

  • Romy + Jacob "J'Adore les Chiens" Pillow

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