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It’s no secret that moms make things easier for our families–we are an ever-present GPS assistant for our kids (“Mom, where is my backpack/permission slip/baseball glove/favorite blue shirt?”), the keeper of the group calendar (when was the last time your husband made a dentist appointment?), and more often than not, chief meal-planner, grime-tackler, birthday-party-planner and problem-solver. If you’re looking for a gift this holiday... >Read More »
Let me start with a disclaimer: None of MY relatives are lazy. And no one in my husband’s family is, either. Nope. But I know there are a few lazy folks out there, hanging out on a recliner in a Dorito-crumbed tee-shirt without a care in the world. So maybe they are related to you? If there is in fact anyone with low ambition in your family, I’ve come up with gift ideas that are perfect for them. We raise a glass to the slothful, the supine... >Read More »
Sure, the rest of us are just starting to pack away our swimsuits and replace them with sweaters, but The Toy Insider Magazine has been hard at work tracking down what will be the hottest toys this holiday season. They just announced their 20 picks for kids ages 0 to 9 and up, and I’m going to share a few of my favorites from the list to start your holiday shopping engines. Remember that if you’re shopping for kids, the hottest toys of... >Read More »
The fall holds some of my fondest memories waiting to be re-lived each year, like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and vibrant fallen leaves. My taste buds (especially my cocktail-sampling ones) seem to shift and crave the juicy star of the season: apples! I just can’t get enough. And what better way to enjoy nature’s medicine than when used as part of a delicious cocktail? I’ve picked out some of my favorite apple cocktail recipes for... >Read More »

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