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A love story this grand deserves to be commemorated.
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The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide

Everyone knows there's a traditional list of gifts for every year of a marriage, but did you know there's a modern list, too? Instead of Paper for the First Anniversary, it's Clocks. Instead of Wood on the Fifth, consider Silverware. And aren't Desk Sets for the Seventh a nice update from Wool or Copper? Find a nice selection of both types of anniversary gifts perfectly suited for the special day.
No matter the number of years in a marriage, the anniversary is a special day. Even if the wife might have to nudge the husband to remember the date, she's going to get him a little something. Or maybe a big something. Either way, having it personalized with his name can make it all the more memorable. Browse a hand-picked selection of personalized gift ideas from some of our favorite stores.
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Maybe the wife has to remind him of the date...or maybe the husband has a surprise in store for her. Does it matter, when he presents her with a gift that says this day is just as special to him as that first one was? And doesn't having it personalized just for her say how much he still loves and cherishes her and wants her to feel special? See our jewelry anniversary gifts for women.
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Has it really been FIVE YEARS since you said, "I do?" Congratulations. You're no longer newlyweds. This milestone marks 1,725 days of building a solid foundation for many happy years ahead. It's no coincidence that the traditional five-year wedding anniversary gift is wood. Trees soar to new heights, reach for the sun and grow roots deep into the earth. Trees are also strong, providing shelter from the rain, shade from the sun, and kindle... Read More »
With my own third anniversary happening this week (I got married 10/10/10), I have been on the hunt for some cool ideas for traditional and modern gifts that can help celebrate, commemorate and resonate with me and my hubs. I like rules, but I like to bend them a little bit. So, here is my guide to gifting for the third anniversary that won't put you to sleep. Let's first agree on one thing: only couples buy themselves third anniversary... Read More »