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Buying Advice for Teen Guys

  • Buying Video Games for Teen Guys

    Video games and teenage guys go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, this is one area where you have to be on top your game, Mr. and Mrs. Parent.

    Your teen will know exactly what's hot, what's not, which consoles to buy, and what accessories he'll need.

    Our best advice to you: Use a great online resource to see what the best games are. Then, listen to what he's got to say. Gamers like to talk about the latest game and their latest triumph.

    Some of the best gaming sites include:
    IGN Joystiq N4G

    And when it comes to game categories, there are 4 types that teen guys tend to like: Science Fiction battlegrounds
    Fantasy settings with warriors, monsters and magic
    Sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey and extreme sports
    Online multi-player settings in space or medieval settings

    Most games require accessories beyond a joystick now. Check out the latest game packs to enhance his gaming experience.

  • Sports Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

    Teen guys like sports, no doubt about it. Get them something to keep him active and safe at the same time.

    Most schools will take care of the team sports, like football and basketball. We'll keep it to individual, outdoor sports here.

    The top gift ideas for sporty young men include:

    1. Skateboarding
    2. Snowboarding
    3. BMX-style biking
    4. Rollerblading
    5. Surfing

    Don't forget to check out safety items like helmets, pads and gloves - especially for skateboarders!