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Bridal Shower Gift Budgets & Etiquette

  • Bridal Shower Gift Budgets

    Let's talk budget. It really depends on the event type. In some cases, the bridal shower is centered only on the bride's needs and wants. It's very personal. In other cases, it's really about giving wedding gifts to the couple and this trend is becoming more common. The budget can shift under these situations.

    If the bridal shower is only for the bride, then a $50 gift budget is appropriate. Especially when there's a wedding gift registry to buy another gift for the couple.

    If the bridal shower is really for giving gifts to the couple, then look to the registry. These prices vary: You may want to ask another friend of the couple if they want to buy the gift with you. In any case, if the bridal shower gift is for the bride and groom, your budget will likely be $100 or more. Base it on your relationship and pocketbook.

    After all, it's a happy occasion, but not if you're broke.

  • Bridal Shower Etiquette

    Many people forget that a bridal shower is not a bachelorette party. Sure, the talk can get raunchy and there may be a little wine or champagne flowing, much like a party. But, the point is to give the bride something she'll use for herself in married life, or with her husband.

    Here's a good point to remember: The bride's mother will be at the bridal shower. This is her little girl getting hitched. You wouldn't show off lingerie or other adult gifts to your own mom, would you?

    Exactly. Keep it clean until the bachelorette party. Then, you can cut loose and have a raunchy, fun time.

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