Surprise a retiring friend or colleague with a present that celebrates their past work and their future plans.

Top 12 GIFTS for Retirees

Retirement Gift Advice

  • Retirement Means Travel

    Retirement is a happy occasion and one made better by travel. Now that the work slog is over, consider some luggage and other travel accessories to help the retiree travel in style and comfort.

    Overnight bags, deluxe dopp kits and amenities kits for airplanes make great retirement gift options.

    You can also give a gift that reflects the destination. If it's a sunny place, give some sandals, sun glasses and sun block. If it's a wet destination, consider a poncho, rain jacket or water-proof backpack.

    Retirement is a great time to relax and see the world. Give something that improves those experiences.

  • Hobbies Become More Important

    The best retirement gifts help the retiree do the things they enjoy. And that means hobbies!

    If you can, ask the retiree what they do in their spare time. If it's stamps, a leather-bound stock book is an elegant gift . If they have a garden, seeds and gardening equipment will be pleasant gifts. If they like to travel, see our other article about travel gifts.

    Remember, you want to spend a little more than you plan. Why? Because the retiree will use these gifts often. You want to give a high-quality gift that will last and show you care about the retiree and their hobbies.