25th Anniversary for Men

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25 years is a silver jubilee, so give a personalized silver gift.

It’s not every day that a couple celebrates 25 years of marriage. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, these two people are still together. If you are the lucky one celebrating this milestone anniversary with your other half, or if you’ve been invited to a party and would like to buy each of the individuals separate gifts, here is some helpful information for choosing a 25th anniversary gift for a man.

Traditional or Modern

Etiquette queen Emily Post started the anniversary gift-giving convention back in 1922, and the list was modified by the American National Retail Jewelers' Association in 1937 to form the guidelines we follow today. Later, a second "modern" list was created including items such as appliances and musical instruments. However, for the 25th anniversary, known as the Silver Jubilee, both lists suggest a gift of silver.

Appropriate 25th Anniversary Gifts for Men

If you’re buying for your husband, show him you’re ready to sign on for 25 more years by personalizing a silver ring, picture frame or keychain (letting him know he still has the keys to your heart) with a touching message. If you’re buying for a friend or relative celebrating his 25th anniversary, consider choosing a pair of silver monogrammed cuff links, or a money clip.

Whatever gift you choose to acknowledge a 25th anniversary for a man, remember that it’s enduring love that’s being celebrated.

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