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You could go a number of ways here, depending on where you are in your relationship. Browse items that run the gamut from seriously sentimental to seriously funny. Also try taking the Personality Profiler quiz for him to see what new gift ideas match his personality. Have some fun with goofy boxer shorts or romantic games or get serious with a personalized ring or something that pushes him a few steps closer to the altar.
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Welcome to teen stardom! It’s time to celebrate the end of preteen and freshman pariahdom and the start of a new life in the high school upper classes. The Sweet 16 birthday kicks off some of the best teen years. Get them something fun, creative or colorful like a new digital camera, the hippest headphones or crazy décor for their room. You can’t go wrong with colorful digital gadgets for the modern teen’s uber-wired lifestyle.
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Guys, take note. Get this wrong and you could end up sleeping in the backyard with Spot. Your girlfriend will probably like something serious as opposed to funny. Shy away from the gag gifts and think of something meaningful for her birthday based on shared experiences. Personalized photo gifts or accessories work well and you can never go wrong with champagne and flowers. In fact, we recommend you send flowers in addition to the other gifts.
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While we consider every birthday to be very important and a reason for a big celebration with cake, presents, singing and a thousand of your closest friends, certain birthday milestones deserve special attention. A baby’s first birthday, a teen’s 16th and a young adult’s 21st are just the beginning, there's also the 30th birthday and 40th birthday - and some keep celebrating those over again. We’ve put together birthday gift lists to help you find gift ideas tailored to each one of these special occasions.
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