10th Birthday Gifts for Girls

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    Cocktail Hour With Happy Birthday Ribbon

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    Best Of Artisanal America

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    Personalized My-Very-Own-Nursery Rhyme Book

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    Mrs. Fields Classics Baked Goods With Happy Birthday Ribbon

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    Full Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries

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    Chocolate Birthday Bon Bons


Grabbing gifts..be right back!
Friendship bracelets she can share with her BFF are just the ticket.

Turning 10 is a big deal! It’s a time when little girls are finding their voice and defining their personality, so consider her interests and hobbies when looking for that perfect gift. Need help? We’re happy to say we went to the experts – girls who are 10 – and came up with this list of …

Top 10 Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

  1. Anything techy -- Girls this age are all about the high-tech gadgets and keeping up with their friends, so if budget allows, think smart phones, tablets, and the latest cameras.

  2. Bling It On! Friendship bracelets and necklaces that she can share with her BFF are just the ticket.

  3. It’s a Hit – Music plays a huge part in young girls’ lives, so gift cards to download music, games likes Just Dance, or tickets to the One Direction concert will score you big points.

  4. Room Décor – Ten-year-old girls want to create their own private world, so accessories for her room – like a pretty new comforter, curtains, lamp, or rug – make great 10th birthday gifts.

  5. Fashionable Gifts – Young fashionistas will love a cute top or some cool kicks. But if your fashion sense would make Tim Gunn cringe, why not offer to take her on a shopping spree?

  6. Book It – Encourage her love of reading and writing with a popular Young Adult novel, leather journal or diary – key included, of course.

  7. Gamer’s Delight – Tons of fun video games are geared for girls, or give her a subscription for an online game she can play with pals.

  8. Get Crafty – DIY kits for making jewelry or perfumes, painting nails and doing makeup are great gift ideas.

  9. Sporty Stuff – Is she into soccer, swimming, or dance? Try a themed sports bag to carry all of her gear, or a book about famous female athletes.

  10. Personalized Gifts – Anything with her name on it – a necklace, pillows, a backpack – will help her to express her personal style.

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