16th Birthday Gifts for Teen Guys

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Grabbing gifts..be right back!
Buy 16 of his favorite things; watch as he has fun unwrapping all of them.

Of course, all he really wants for his 16th birthday is a car. (A car is freedom, independence, and yes, oh-so-cool.) But if that is not an option because it’s out of the budget, he doesn’t have his license yet, he’s one lucky kid and already has one, or for whatever reason, it’s just not going to happen, here are some other great 16th birthday gift ideas for guys.

16 Gifts

It’s always fun to have the number of gifts match the age. So wrap up 16 of his favorite things – gum, cologne, socks, snacks – and watch as he has a ball unwrapping all of the gifts. Or give him 16 hours of something, like 16 hours of driving lessons, 16 hours of downloadable music, or 16 hours that he’s in charge of the TV remote.

Classic 16th Birthday Gifts for Guys

Traditional gifts for 16-year-olds include clothing, like T-shirts and cool shoes; music, perhaps tickets to a concert; video games, books, accessories for the favorite sport he likes to play or watch; and gift cards to his pick of restaurant, movie theater, local mall, or online shopping.

Urge to Splurge

If the budget allows, and you really want to spoil him because he’s such a good kid, buy something from his wish list, like the new tablet, smart phone, or gaming console. Foot the bill for a fun day for him and his friends – perhaps an overnight stay at a fancy hotel, complete with room service, or an afternoon go-karting or playing laser tag or paint ball. And if there’s really no budget, make his day/week/year with yes, a brand new car.

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