16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Music is huge in teens’ lives, so think concert tickets or gift cards.

It’s all about being cool at age 16, but the catch is that “cool” means something different to every teen. One may really be into sports, while another is in a band, and someone else spends all of her free time as yearbook editor. Don’t fret, just think of that special someone’s interests, then check out the ideas below, one for every kind of cool.

16th Birthday Gifts for Guys

For a lot of guys, turning 16 is all about cars. He’s either got his license or is working on it, so any car-related gift – from a simple keychain to a new set of rims to an hour driving lesson -- is going to be a winner. Video games, sports-themed accessories, and gift cards for clothes or movies all make great gifts. Music plays a huge part in most teens’ lives, so concert tickets or music download gift cards will be big hits.

16th Birthday Gifts for Gals

She’s turning sweet sixteen! Sixteeners tend to be the epitome of cool, so giving her jewelry, like earrings, bangle bracelets, or a friendship necklace to be shared with her BFF will secure your place as her favorite aunt. Rock her world with music or movie gift cards, designer perfume, or a makeup kit. Any of these 16th birthday gifts is sure to delight even the coolest chick on the block.

More Gift Ideas

If none of those gifts suit your fancy, we’ve got plenty more ideas up our sleeve.

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1... 1314 15... 40

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