1st Birthday Gifts for Baby Boys

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Travel back to your own childhood and give a retro toy.

Is there any better cause for celebration than that of a first birthday? Children’s birthday celebrations are always fun but there is just something special about watching a child try to blow out one little candle on a cake that makes our hearts swell. After the cake’s been eaten (or more likely smeared across the face) it’s time to move on to the presents! Speaking of which, you’ll probably be buying one to take to the party. Here are a couple of things to consider before you go shopping for that 1st birthday gift for the baby boy.

What makes a great 1st birthday gift?

Stuffed animals, chunky books, learning toys…1st birthday gifts are wonderful because children love virtually everything at that age. Use this opportunity to travel back to your own childhood and remember what your favorite birthday gifts were. Retro wooden toys have made a resurgence and you can never go wrong with a book such as a classic Dr. Seuss.

Creative birthday gift ideas

Choose a gift that compliments the theme of the 1st birthday party. Most invitations will note the theme and it’s often one that the child is into. Does the birthday boy love dinosaurs, fire trucks or jungle animals? Whatever the theme, create a fun gift basket filled with goodies. Perhaps pajamas, a bath toy and a fun plate and bowl set.

An additional birthday gift idea

As an added gift for mom and dad, consider taking pictures during the birthday party of their baby boy and placing the most memorable ones inside a multiple image picture frame that the parents can hang on the wall as a daily reminder of their baby boy’s 1st birthday celebration.

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