21st Birthday Gifts for College Women

Choose a gift that will hold a special memory years down the road.

Turning 21 can be a raucous affair—Viva Las Vegas anyone?—or a sedate get together with girlfriends at a relaxing spa. Whatever way the young woman chooses to celebrate, a 21st birthday is a great occasion to buy her a unique gift.

The Big Blowout

If a crazy party is a brewin’, choose a 21st birthday present to help the young woman get her celebration started! Perhaps a drinking game set, a mixology kit, shot glasses, or elegant wine or Champagne glasses (better hide those until AFTER the party.) And since the birthday girl will be spending the night at the party house, bring a gift to help her face the morning. A hangover cookbook or survival kit to offer relief from the effects of one too many shots may be the best present of all.

A Quiet Affair

Not every 21st birthday has to end in a throbbing headache. Select a gift that will hold a special memory for any young woman years down the road. A birthstone ring, bracelet or monogrammed necklace. Or if you’re a close friend or relative, choose a beautiful watch with a special engraving on the back. Commemorate her birthday with a little R&R (now that she’s an adult, she’ll need to learn how to relax.) Consider an at-home spa kit, aromatherapy candle set, or a gift basket filled with everything she’ll need to create a relaxing environment.

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