21st Birthday Gifts for Men

Would the birthday boy like to skydive or play fighter pilot?

Epic, awesome, insane. Three little words to describe one great 21st birthday. The birthday boy has probably been dreaming of this day for a long time. Hes now officially an adult. But what hes probably most excited about is that his fake ID has expired.

Spirits and Cocktails

More likely than not, alcohol will play a large role in many of the gifts given for a 21st celebration. Drinking games, personalized flasks, beer bucket baskets and shot glasses are all options for a gift centered on drinking. As always, its a good thing to keep moderation in mind with alcohol and the same should be done when choosing a gift focused on imbibing.

Gifts Minus the Hangover

Is the guy celebrating his 21st birthday an athlete who has to keep physically fit or someone who chooses not to drink? If so, find a gift that fits this mans passion. Perhaps hed like an activity tracker to store information about nutrition and calories. Is he a hiker or camper? Get him a GPS watch so hes never lost again. Would he get a thrill out of experiencing his birthday skydiving or playing fighter pilot for a day? Buy him an experiential gift that gets his blood pumping.

Become creative when choosing a 21st birthday gift for a guy. Hes hit a milestone event and his gift should celebrate his new-found adulthood.

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